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Sourcebook 2011

Since 1992 we collaborate, in different fields of restoration, with Lombardy, Piedmont, Umbria and Sicily’s government department responsible for monuments and artistic treasures. We work with Museums, Public Offices, Churches, Parishes, Galleries, Antique Dealers and Privat Collectors .


Every restoration’s project arise from the analysis of objectiv facts. The exellent conservation of works of art has priority. Because of this purpose we try to do only the essential interventions and give attention to quality and quantity of the materials we use.

We dedicate part of our worktime to the surch of new products, also abroad. Sure, they have to be tested; we verify the quality and catalogue their technical files.

In our center, since 2001, we organize up-to-date seminars for professional restorers.

Since 2002 we are busy with selling products for conservation of photographic and archival’s documents.

Buste in carta permanente
Polypropylene pages
Polyester envelopes
Storage boxes
Cabinets in anodized aluminum
Products for anoxic treatment
Conservation products
Strumenti per il restauro
Tessuti e carte per la conservazione
Prodotti per il trasporto
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